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Imaging Processors

Part NumberGeneral DescriptionMarketing StatusFrame rate operation (Fps)Operating TemperatureOperating TemperatureOutput formatPackage sizeSupply VoltageSupply VoltagePackage
STV0991Advanced HDR ISP with dedicated HW engines for video analytics and lens correctionEvaluationJPEG 8-bit/12-bit, 5/2.1 MP@30 fps H.264 baseline I,P, 2.1 MP@30 fps-40105Video compression JPEG/H264 RGB/YUV10x10x1.21.051.15TFBGA 10X10 201L
VD5377OFM (Optical Finger Mouse)Activeup to 4000 fps-2070I2C32.2TESTED USWF VI
STV09878 Megapixel imaging processorActive30f/s (5Mpixel) 15f/s (8Mpixel)-2570JPEG/RGB/YUV5x5x1.21.71.9TFBGA 104 5x5x1.2
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